Content Strategist

Boise, Idaho, United States | Full-time | Allows remote


About the company:

For over 15 years, FFW has provided significant digital experiences to the world’s largest brands many within the Fortune 50 in finance, power, media, not for profit, and pharmaceuticals. FFW is a team of more than 400 people across 11 countries and growing fast. Not only do we work with large organizations, but we have a diverse portfolio across various verticals working on a variety of mission critical digital solutions. We are a trusted brand, and we are well known in our space. It is fun to work in a field where there is a genuine desire for your service and you know your company is a the top of its game.

Content Strategist Job Description

At FFW, you’ll meet challenges with excellence in exciting ways. We’re looking for people who know what user-centered experience design is, appreciate research insights, collaborate across capabilities, and bring enthusiasm to the work environment. We need flexible doers that will bring fresh strategic perspectives to our team and the agency.

Do you love solving problems and translating them into intuitive experiences? Do you carry whiteboard markers or post it notes around like they’re your keys? Do you find yourself hoping the sites you visit will ask a content expert like you to make them more intuitive and engaging?

 Can you combine user research insights with business objectives to generate action based content recommendations? Do you have a general curiosity about the world around you? Do you practice seeing things from other people’s perspectives? Do you aim to find opportunities regardless of the constraints? Do you connect your curiosity with your work?

Do you collaborate easily across capabilities, including creative, technology, analytics and strategic planning partners? Can you speak confidently about your work with both internal and client teams, providing a rationale for your content strategy decisions and how the work empowers users to act? Are you flexible and able to succeed within a fast-paced, collaborative environment, believing that a variety of inputs result in the best overall user experiences? Can you own a room?

If you answered yes to many, if not all, of these questions, we’d love to hear from you. 

Key requirements of the role: 

  • Experienced strategic planning and business analysis skills, comfortable working with senior executives and with creative teams. 
  • Subject matter expertise in digital marketing & communication strategies, metadata/taxonomy for digital content management systems, strategic planning for new technologies, usability & user experience research. 
  • Ability to work with clients and creative teams on a range of content strategy work: 
    • Digital content strategies
    • Digital communications & rollout strategies  
    • Web content development initiatives
    • Publishing workflow development – mapping old to new approaches 
    • Strategic planning for new technologies & products 

The ability to develop content strategies, competitive assessments, content ROI analysis, requirements documentation and content implementation roadmaps for senior client executives is desired, as is the ability to conduct user experience research, and moderate qualitative research 

Must be able to facilitate, lead and manage strategic planning and content architecture development in collaboration with clients and technology and user experience solutions consultants.

Relative to content, analyze market research data, develop implications and recommendations, develop competitive intelligence findings. Leverage research findings to develop content strategies in collaboration with creative teams.